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For those of you keeping count (God bless ya if are), “Dragonflight” is about the 900th project David’s added to his plate. Here’s a man who truly doesn’t know or just doesn’t care what sleep is.

Off the Top of My Head List of David’s Projects (Some Being Further Along in Production Than Others)

Wolves (formally Slaughter’s Road)



Lost Planet*

Naught For Hire (actor)

Project he’s teased on Twitter

Push (TV show spun off from the movie. David’s supposed to be writing the pilot episode last I heard…)


*I have NO idea the status of Lost Planet…

In anycase, it’s being reported by The Hollywood Reporter, AceShowBiz, MovieHole, FirstShowing, and ComingSoon.net that David is set to pen the silver screen adaptation of the sci-fi novel Dragonflight.

Steven Hoban’s Copperheart Entertainment has closed agreements with David Hayter and Benedict Carver’s Dark Hero Studios, Don Murphy and Susan Montford’s Angry Films and Entertainment One to adapt the classic science fiction/fantasy novel “Dragonflight” by Anne McCaffrey into a feature film.

In “Dragonflight,” the first in the epic “Dragonriders of Pern” series of novels, an elite group of warriors take to the skies on the backs of giant, fire-breathing, telepathic dragons to save the wondrously exotic planet of Pern from a terrifying airborne menace.

Hayter (X-MenX2: X-Men United and Watchmen) will pen the screenplay. Hoban and Carver will produce the film with Murphy, Montford and Hayter executive producing. Patrice Theroux negotiated for Entertainment One to handle distribution in Canada and is in discussion to acquire a number of other territories including the UK, Benelux and Australia. “Dragonflight” will be an international co-production, financed by several distribution partners around the world in much the way “The Lord of the Rings” was put together. Production is scheduled to begin early 2012. No director is currently attached.

Read more: David Hayter to Adapt Dragonflight – ComingSoon.nethttp://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=76374#ixzz1JPuZZDbt

David’s gonna have a lot of red carpets to walk down in the next few years!


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