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You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers to some of your questions. This section will be updated as needed!

Q: Is this David’s official website?

A: No one is going to read this one but no, this is not his official site. He does, however, have one. Here it is: David-Hayter.com. This little piece of the net is maintained by Amanda Mack with the help of Emma Darvell.


Q: Have any of you ever met David in person?

A: I (Amanda) have a few times. Emma is still awaiting her inevitable future encouters.


Q: Does David do conventions/festivals?

A: He sure does. Recently, he’s been doing one or two a year. Whether he’ll keep that up or not, I don’t know. I’m guessing David’s workload will have a lot to do with how much he continues to do that in the future.


Q: When is David going to do a convention/festival in [insert your country here]?

A: I wish I knew! So far, he’s been pretty limited to the US but I’m sure he’ll branch out soon! We’ll do our best to keep you updated!


Q: Does David have an account on [insert popular social networking site here]?

A: Nope. All the David Hayters you see on Facebook and Myspace either have the same name as him or are impostors. There is, however, an awesome little fan-run page for David on Facebook. Check it out here. :) David’s got a Twitter account now! Follow him @DavidBHayter


Q: Is “GuyverSnake” on Youtube and “Uberdave” on IMDB really David?

A: Yup. I’m aware that there are a lot of people who don’t believe it but he’s confirmed it himself in a couple of interviews so that’s all I’ll say about that.


Q: How can I contact David?

A: Well…if you want to publicly confess your love to him (as most of his fans do), his IMDB boards might be best for that. Sometimes he’ll lurk and reply to threads. If you have something a little more personal you need to get off your chest, IMDB does have a PM system that he may or may not use. At one point, he did respond to messages sent via his Youtube account but I’m not too sure how much he responds over there now.

If you have signables that you want to send to David, it can most likely be sent through his agency. He’s currently with UTA (United Talent Agency). Here’s the address:

c/o Michael Sheresky

United Talent Agency

9560 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 500

Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2401

Please allow for a couple of MONTHS for your stuff to be returned to you. And put something on the envelope to help the people at UTA know who it’s intended for.


Q: Is he married?

A: Yup. Sorry fangirls (and boys). He comes complete with wife and daughter.


Q: Where can I get a copy of Guyver: Dark Hero to make my own?!

A: If you live in the US, this is an easy question to answer. There’s no shortage of these babies anywhere. My copy was special ordered from a Barnes and Noble near me many, many moons ago. You can also special order it from places like FYE and Best Buy if you don’t want to order it directly from their respective sites. You can buy it used from Amazon or new from Overstock.com. Just about anywhere that sells cult 90s sci-fi movies should carry it.

UK and Canada: Canadian fans, I haven’t heard of anyone having problems finding the DVD . If you check out enough places online, you’ll find somewhere that sells it.

With regards to finding it in the UK, it tends to be a little harder to come across – you tend to find them in the most random of places. Our admin Anoushka found her copy of Guyver: Dark Hero in a charity store! Your best bet would be to find it online at Amazon.co.uk or Play.com. There always copies floating around on eBay too so you should have a look there as well.

China, Japan, Germany, France: You might need to snag yourself region-free DVD player.

You guys have your own version of Amazon. Try those first and if you can’t find it (or only see the VHS of it), try looking for it on the Canadian, UK, or American ones and check to see if they ship to your country!

If they don’t, see if it can be imported from somewhere like Overstock.com or CDUniverse.com. Just remember, you’re probably going to need a region 1 or region-free DVD player to enjoy it!

Everywhere else: Follow the advice for the countries above.

I’m sorry, guys! I’m really not sure what else to tell ya for this one…

Find Guyver at…

Barnes and Noble

Best Buy



Amazon.com (US)

Amazon.com (Video on Demand, US)



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